The manuscripts must be written in English. The manuscripts’ maximum length is 10 pages on A4 paper (tables and figures included), typed with 1.5 spacing, using 10 pts font size.

The structure of the manuscripts:

  1. Title: maximum 80 characters; all caps; bold;
  2. Authors: first name, surname (bold+italic); below the name(s) the authors are kindly asked to write: their profession, scientific title, institutional affiliation, contact data of the corresponding author;
  3. Abstract: maximum 300 words;
  4. 2-6 keywords;
  5. References must be listed at the end of the manuscript, in the order of their citation in the text, with size 10 Times New Roman font 1.5 line spacing, using the Vancouver style.

If the article contains notes as well, these will be mentioned in order of their appearance in the text, at the end of the article, under the subtitle “Notes”.

The tables, graphics and photos should be submitted separately, indicating their place in the manuscript.

Tables, photos and graphics should be indicated with Arabic numerals (eg., table 1, fig. 1 etc.).

The graphics must be well-contrasted, square-shaped and accompanied by a concise legend.

The submission of the manuscript to publication implies:

  1. The manuscript was approved by all authors.
  2. The paper has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.
  3. The authors accept the unconditioned and complete transfer of the copyright to the Journal of Applied Ethics and Biolaw
  4.  The authors assume the responsibility regarding the ethical scientific conduct entirely, including plagiarism